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Royal Soil is an organic, weed-free, compost/soil growing media for spectacular vegetables, fruits, herbs,
flowers and other horticultural products, including lawn grasses.

Royal Soil may also be added to existing garden and lawn soils. It may be applied directly on top of the soil
and does not necessarily need to be worked into these soils.

Royal Soil contains very high populations of living soil organisms and the beneficial algae's, bacteria's and fungi's necessary for optimum soil performance and plant health. Royal Soil will always arrive "alive" at your garden.
Because of these living soil organisms, our products possess disease suppression properties. Common plant diseases are warded off by these alive soil organisms.
Over the years, these soil organisms will reproduce by the billions and will migrate to the surrounding soils, completely transforming the entire surrounding landscape. What do microbes do? They deliver nutients to the plants root system.
After a few months, the earthworms will begin to reside in your soil bed - and you wont have to add any other fertilizers. I have customers who have used my soil for 10 years and have never added fertilizer! Why? Because the earthworms - do the fertilizing all year long - leaving their potent castings scattered throughout the soil bed.
One of my customers dug out a one foot square of his raised bed filled with Royal Soil and counted 112 worms in that one square foot of soil! Worms eat and excrete soil and produce offspring...and as they travel around the bed they leave openings which allow water and oxygen to enter the soil. Some people forget that oxegen is very important in plant and soil health.
So, what you have is your own worm farm happening right there in your flower bed and they do all the fertilizing for you. You just keep up with the correct moisture for them and your plants...
Stay tuned for video testimonies from her and many others...coming soon!



  • Use as a topsoil. Plant directly into this product.
  • Use for planting organic vegetables, fruits and herbs, as well as flowers and other plants.
  • Use as a soil bed for planting new lawns.
  • Use to rejuvenate existing lawn soil.
  • Use as a top dress fertilizer for existing lawn grass.
  • Use to build up soil layer on existing lawns.
    Use to eliminate the use of expensive lawn chemicals.
  • Use as a tree or shrub root system organic fertilizer.
  • Use as a rose bed mulch or a soil additive.
  • Use to winterize rose crowns.
  • Use to help protect your environment
  • Use to protect you and your family's health

Royal Soil is an excellent source of nourishment for trees and shrubs of any age and the results are dramatic. One of Nashville's oldest trees was showing signs of dying and Royal Soil was applied to its root system. After one week this tree's leaves went from a dying yellow color to vibrant green. A feature article and a picture of this tree appeared in Nashville's newspaper, The Tennessean on June 10, 2001.

One 83 year old customer was so proud of his vegetable garden that he called Channel 4 weatherman, Bill Hall, an avid gardener, to come see his garden. Bill took along a video crew to film this garden and it was featured on a Channel 4 morning newscast as Nashville's Best Vegetable Garden.

How Much Soil Will You Need?

For vegetables grown in a raised bed system, you will need a minimum depth of 12 inches of soil...14-16 inches is best. One cubic yard 12-14 inches deep will make a raised bed that will be 8 feet long and 3 feet wide.

For a flower garden in a raised bed, you will need a depth of 4-6 inches of soil. Six inches is best. One cubic yard at 6 inches deep will make a bed 16 feet long by 3 feet wide. At 4 inches deep it will make a bed 24 feet long by 3 feet wide.

If you are adding Royal soil or our compost amendment to your existing soil at 2 inches will cover a an area 48 feet long by 3 feet wide. Please refer to the other depth coverage's described above if you plan to use more.

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