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Sorry folks, I do not have any Royal Soil for the 2015 season. What I do
have is Royal Soil that was made in 2013 but which has been devoured by
worms. It has now become a very rich organic fertilizer. It's in a state of very
rich, very dark humus, mixed with LOTS of worm castings and contains alive
red wigglers and their (worm) eggs! It is available in 10# bags (24 cups) for $15
per bag. I am mobile daily in the Williamson County area selling this product!
Text Me Only 615.975.6000 or email me!

We've been producing "an alive soil" since 1996.
When utilized in gardening methods such as raised beds
or raised rows, Royal Soil is nearly maintenance free.
No weeding. No tilling. Never use a shovel again!
Royal Soil does not become compacted and never gets hard like topsoil. Simply dig the holes with your hands, plant those plants and then sit back and watch your garden grow.
Expect dramatic results!

  • Weed-Free
  • Organic
  • Low Maintenance
  • Alive Soil Organisms
  • Pleasant Earthy Smell
  • Attracts Earthworms
  • Dark Brown Color
  • Gets Better with Age
  • Gets Darker with Age
  • Retains Water
  • Drought Resistant
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Easy To Spread/Install
  • Makes Gardening Easier


  • Use Our Product As Soil For New Lawn Seed

  • Or Use As A Topdress For Exsisting Lawns

  • Or As A Mulch For Trees, Shrubs & Flower Beds

  • Or Simply Use It As A Soil Ammendment
  • Royal Soil Is Five Times Lighter Than Topsoil

  • When Earthworms Are Present - No Additional Fertilizing Is Ever Required
  • ....
    The photo on the left shows 5 cubic yards of our product and our delivery truck.
    The photo on the right shows our product being used as a topdress and/or a mulch.

    A raised bed filled with Royal Soil and 10 yards delivered. (two loads)

    Truely the only way to garden, in most places around here, is in raised beds.

    A Recent Testimony

    Click pic for larger view!
    Stacy & Erik's Daily 2012 Harvest
    Arrington, Tennessee

    I believe that it is very important to have a family garden in place at home. Our children should be involved in the gardening activities so that they may learn general gardening practices. I have several customers whose children tend their family garden. They love gardening and are proud to have their daily meals prepared with the food they have grown themselves, organically.

    Rick Morris
    President, The Compost Farm


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